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Hitachi's AFH55M-13

It's an extremely hard to find mass air flow sensor Suzuki will only sell as part of the entire throttle body (Part #13400-77EV0) for a whopping $1,100 to $1,400. Unfortunately, this results in unnecessary expenses when considering only the sensor portion has failed.


1999-2002 Suzuki Esteem 1.8L L4
2002-2003 Suzuki Aerio
1994-1998 Chevrolet Tracker 1.6L L4
1992-1998 Suzuki Sidekick 1.6L L4
1996-1998 Suzuki Sidekick Sport 1.8L L4
1996-1998 Suzuki X-90 1.6L L4
1994-1997 Geo Tracker
2.5 Liter Chevrolet Tracker with OEM #AFH55M-13

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Currently, many online vendors are offering their aftermarket version of this sensor for as low as $50. However, you must remember when an online price seems too good to be true, it usually is. All of the replacement sensors being sold by other online vendors are of extremely poor Chinese quality and DO NOT FIT correctly due to the placement of the guiderails on the harness connection being in the incorrect location, they simply just won't fit your oem harness. Furthermore, all other vendors selling this sensor do not have the correct parameters programmed into their sensors to allow the engine to function properly; Suzuki's system is very sensitive and must have the exact OEM frequency parameters to allow your engine to function properly.

Some performance problems you may experience with an aftermarket version of the AFH55M-13 MAF sensor are:

  • Extremely poor fuel efficiency
  • Rough idle
  • When accelerating vehicle stalls or hesitates
  • Vehicles dies when stopped

Your defective sensor may also set off your check engine light. Some diagnostic codes you may get as a result of a poorly made MAF are:

  • P0171, P0104, P0103, P0174

To date, the only cost effective way of fixing an issue with your AFH55M-13 sensor has been finding a used OEM AFH55M-13, but costs for this option still range from anywhere between $200-$300 and sometimes more. However, these are now rare and may not be a long term reliable solution.

We are proud to introduce the AIP Electronic's brand new MF55M13, the market's only correct, fully functional OEM replacement for Hitachi's AFH55M-13 Mass Airflow Sensor. When we first began selling this sensor we quickly realized that this was not the quality we demand for our customers in our other part lines. To resolve the problem we teamed up with one of the world's leading parts suppliers, American Auto Direct to re-engineer a brand new aftermarket version of AFH55M-13 free of the above mentioned common flaws found in other vendor's supply. Each unit is carefully crafted and fully tested by our expert team of engineers, the result is the world first and only aftermarket AFH55M-13 sensor that is more reliable than the original Hitachi version.

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